Using a boiler to heat your home and provide hot water is an efficient and cost effective method. Boilers last a long time and can provide years of service with little maintenance. But if your boiler is acting strange or not working properly, make sure you trust the experts at Tampa Bay Plumbing for repairs, installation and maintenance.

Common Signs that Boiler Repair is Needed

If there are any upsides to needing boiler repair, it’s the fact that the signs are often obvious and clear. If you experience any of the following issues, you may need repairs:

If your unit turns off without actually heating your home, it could mean you have a problem with the thermostat. Other issues that can result in this include a lack of water pressure, improper air circulation or a closed valve.

This sign is often described as a low rumbling sound coming from inside the unit. It occurs when scale builds up on the heat exchanger.

A whistling sound or strange gurgling noises could mean that your boiler is running low on water, or there are air bubbles somewhere in the system.

If your radiators are not warming, it means there are probably corroded pipes in your system that need to be replaced.

If the boiler is failing to heat or produce hot water, it probably means the unit has a mechanical issue such as a failing valve, broken thermostat or issues with the airlocks.

When to Replace

A typical boiler can last in a home for up to 50 years. In this time it’s normal to experience small repairs and invest in regular maintenance, however, if you notice the cost of your heating or energy bill rising, it might be a better option to replace. Your trusted technicians at Tampa Bay Plumbing can advise you on the most cost-effective route to take when deciding on replacing or repairing your boiler.

Why Trust Us?

A boiler is a tricky piece of equipment with many small parts. Performing a DIY boiler repair can cause more issues than it fixes and result in damages that often lead to a costly repair. At Tampa Bay Plumbing, our technicians have the tools and experience to make sure your boiler is working perfectly and efficiently at all times.

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