DIY Remedies For Your Garbage Disposal Smell

DIY Remedies For Your Garbage Disposal Smell

You walk over to the garbage disposal unit and smell something awful, and it’s coming from the unit itself, and you’re not certain what to do. Take the time to try and fix the smell on your own before calling a plumber by using some home remedies. You’re free to use chemicals in your unit, but take note that these chemicals can be damaging to the unit, leaving it useless after you’ve used the chemicals.

garbage-disposalSome chemicals are made specifically for the garbage disposal unit, but none of them are proven safe. Anything that goes into the garbage disposal unit to clean it should sit inside of it for a little while before being rinsed away, just to make sure it gets rid of the smell.Your best choice is to use natural remedies because they are disinfecting, can sharpen the blades, and natural remedies can also clean the entire inside of the unit. If you’ve never freshened your garbage disposal unit before, then know that it’s easy enough to do. There’s no need to take the unit apart, only throw the items into the unit, let them sit for a little while, and rinse the unit out.You may need to run the garbage disposal to crush up the ingredients you’re putting into the unit to freshen it, especially if it’s citrus fruits, which need to be cut up by the garbage disposal unit. Once the unit has become refreshed, try your best to keep it clean by using the same remedies again.

Use Natural Remedies

Many people go for natural remedies these days, whether it’s a sickness that they have or for getting rid of bugs or other types of problems. Using natural remedies to clean your garbage disposal unit is also a very good idea, particularly as it won’t compromise the usability of the unit and can make it smell fresh afterward.

  • Salt w/ Ice
  • Use Citrus Fruits
  • Add Ice And Vinegar
  • Try Baking Soda
  • Use Baking Soda And Vinegar

cut_up_some_citrusSalt w/ Ice- One of the best ways to clean your garbage disposal is by adding ice, which has been proven to sharpen the blades as well as adding salt, which can freshen up the unit. It’s best to put these items in separately to get the best results, so get the rock salt, and throw it in separate from the ice cubes.

Some may try to freeze salt within the ice, but this won’t be as effective as using salt in its whole state as opposed to freezing it in the water, which can dilute the salt and not allow it to work as it should in getting rid of the smells in your garbage disposal unit. Sea salt is also usable as well as table salt, but the thicker the salt, the more efficient it will be.

Use Citrus Fruits- Using any citrus fruit is an excellent way to deodorize any garbage disposal unit as well as making it smell like fruit once it’s cleaned.

Add Ice And Vinegar- Instead of using salt and ice, you can try ice and vinegar, which has a high acidic level, which is great for killing all kinds of germs inside the garbage disposal unit. You even want to consider throwing in a bit of citrus to get a better reaction, so you’ll have a very new garbage disposal unit that also has sharper blades once you throw the ice cubes in.

Try Baking Soda- Since baking soda has always been known as an excellent substance for deodorizing anything, don’t think that it can’t help your garbage disposal unit. Throw in some baking soda from the box, and allow it to sit for a while before you flush it out with warm water. The odor will disappear on contact, so there’s no need to leave the baking soda sitting in the unit for too long.

Use Baking Soda And Vinegar- When you want an extra clean garbage disposal unit that is free of smells, use the baking soda, but don’t forget the vinegar. If you take a half cup of baking soda and put vinegar right behind it, they will react chemically with one another and will be able to clean out the garbage disposal unit, even food that’s stuck on the insides. You want to allow this mixture to sit inside the unit for anywhere from 5-15 minutes, and then you’ll use hot water to rinse it away.

Avoid These Objects

avoid-a-garbage-disposal-leakIt’s funny that some people are still unaware of what can and cannot go into the garbage disposal unit until it breaks down after they put on the wrong items.

You have to avoid metal objects, which is a given, but also avoid things such as vegetables because they are too stringy, rice because it can eventually clog up the drains, and corn husks because they can’t be chopped up by the disposal unit. Anything that appears too tough for the unit should be avoided.

The Power Of Citrus Is Great

You should always know the power of citrus when it comes to your garbage disposal unit, and it can be one of the great remedies to make your unit smell great as well as cleaning it out on the inside.

Mixing citrus with other things, such as vinegar, baking soda, and ice can give you a near flawless garbage disposal unit that smells great and works great when it’s being used.

If for any reason you have problems with your garbage disposal in the future, then don’t hesitate to make a phone call, and get a plumber out to your home, especially since the kitchen sink may not work properly without the garbage disposal unit.

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