Do You Have Stinky Drains and Smelly Water? Here are the Probable Reasons

Do You Have Stinky Drains and Smelly Water? Here are the Probable Reasons

There are three main causes of stinky drains or smelly water within a home. These causes are usually easily curable by a plumbing professional. The following are the top three reasons that a home may develop smelly water or drains:

Venting Issues

Most homes have a special ventilation system that is dedicated to getting smelly and harmful sewer gases up and out of the blocked-drainhome.

When these vents are clogged by animal nests, leaves, or debris, these sewer gases are forced back down the pipes and up through the drains in your home.

Clogs should only be cleared by a homeowner if it is completely safe and accessible to do so.

For the most part, it is recommended to contact a plumbing professional, who has the tools and expertise needed to safely get rid of any ventilation clogs.

A Home’s Water Heater

Bacteria thrive in dark, moist spaces, which is exactly what the interior environment of a water heater is like. When these bacteria are met with metal components of the water heater and sulfur from the water supply, they multiply, and start to emit that “rotten egg” smell.

This smell easily enters the water supply, and travels whenever hot water is turned on within a household. Luckily, these bacteria can easily removed. By cleaning a hot water tank with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), the bacteria are killed off without damaging the tank itself.

Hydrogen peroxide is also a good choice because it is safe for the environment, eventually breaking down into water and oxygen components.

P-Traps that have Dried Out

The u-shaped sections on drain pipes are also known as p-traps. Within this pipe, there is a small amount of water which acts as a seal to prevent the escape of sewer gases into the drains. When p-traps dry out, this gas can enter and cause the foul sewer gas odor to spread.

p-trapThe drying out of p-traps can usually be attributed to specific causes, like:

  • A leak in the p-trap.
  • A blockage, like clogged hair, which siphons out the water.
  • Disuse of the waste pipe.

If you’re dealing with a drain that hasn’t been used in awhile, try running the water for a few minutes.

This should add water back into the p-trap, developing the seal once again.

If the smell is coming from a drain which is often used, have a plumber come in and inspect the p-trap. Usually, a dry p-trap in a commonly used drain means there is a more critical underlying issue that should be dealt with by a professional.

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