The Home Guide to Going Green and Saving Money

The Home Guide to Going Green

As a homeowner, you have an opportunity to make decisions around your home that will not only make your home beautiful but can help efforts to remedy climate change.

In addition, environmentally friendly actions in your home are very often cost-saving measures too. The case to go green at home is compelling.

Fixtures and the Environment

Firstly, if you detect a leaky plumbing fixture, get it fixed right away. A small leak may not seem like a lot of water, but when it adds up over time, the wasted water can be substantial.

Keep the water conservation going with low-flow showerheads that will decrease the flow rate of your shower water, while maintaining temperature and pressure. A low-flow toilet will use significantly less water to flush than a traditional model.

Do you turn the faucet off when you brush your teeth or wash your hands? You are wasting a lot of water if you don’t. A motion sensor faucet will take care of that for you.

Carbon Footprint Reduction at Home

To really help the environment, take steps to reduce your carbon footprint at home. Keep a cool jug of water in carbon-footprintthe fridge rather than letting the tap run.

Never run the water to defrost your food. Compost food scraps instead of throwing them in the garbage. Grow your own produce or buy from local farmers.

Cut back on eating meat. Use the appropriate amount of water to boil food and then recycle the water for your plants.

Switch from gas, electric or oil heating to solar power. Change your light bulbs to LED bulbs. Always turn the lights off when you leave the room. Unplug appliances when you aren’t using them.

Tankless Water Heaters are the Answer

Traditional hot water tanks store water and then cycle heat around the water every 24 hours to heat it up until you need it. Inevitably, the heat escapes, and you’re re-heating water.

Tankless models, on the other hand, only heat what water you need when you need it. Working on demand is more energy efficient, which means cost savings for you too.

save-waterWater Bottles are Bad for the Planet

Instead of using non eco-friendly plastic water bottles, invest in a home filtration system (either for your whole home or for the source that you get your water from- i.e. the faucet).

A filter will remove impurities from the water without the harmful waste provided by the plastic bottle.

Earth Day in Tampa Bay

Get ready to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. There are plenty of activities to choose from in the Tampa Bay/Clearwater area.

The 8th annual EcoFest 2017 is being celebrated at the Lowry Park Bandshell and admission is free. There will be educational resources on green living, music, food and green businesses. Sustainable St. Pete Earth Day activities are happening at Williams Park.

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