What Your Toilet Says About YOU

Toilets, much like hairstyles, often are a reflection of its owner. 

The kind of toilet that represents you, says a lot about you. We have compiled a very serious, & scientifically accurate, 8-question quiz that will help you determine which toilet reflects you.
Click Here to go directly to the quiz. Or scroll through the very very scientific data below, to the quiz at the bottom of the page.

The Bachelor:

You’re easy-going & relaxed. Also, all the plants in your apartment are rubber.

The Grandma:

You’re caring & kind-hearted. You also keep hard candies nearby.

The Eco-Conscious:

You’re smart, caring & LOVE mother earth. You ONLY flush if needed.

The Bidet:

You love technology. You also love a toilet that cleans itself as well as your bum bum. Ohlalal!

The Urinal:

You’re most likely a dude. That, or you are really bendy.

The Old Reliable:

You’re dependable & loyal. You also enjoy suctioning the plunger to the floor.

The 5-Gallon “Vintage”:

You miss the good ol’ days. That or you wish you were alive back then! A toilet this old is super retro!

The Outhouse:

You’re a free spirit. One of a kind. Totally unique. So you just poop in the yard. Whatevs, it’s cool.

Take this quiz to find out what kind of toilet you are!

Comment below with what kind of Toilet you are!

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