Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

It seems it’s just moments after we take off our Halloween costumes that we are already having visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. Are we alone here?
Well, it’s finally December & FINALLY, it’s socially acceptable to play “All I Want for Christmas Is You” at full volume & on repeat. But, while most of the country has had unexplainable snowstorms, months earlier than in years before, here in Florida we really are only DREAMING of a white Christmas. *See what I did there, with the song puns…?*

But I digress…

NOW that it’s finally Christmas time – we want to show off our DIY skills – PLUMBER STYLE

“Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

We’re not talking Disney movies here. We’re talking super cool Christmas decorations!

 So really, do you? Because these cute PVC snowmen are not only easy to make but if you are a plumber – you likely already have ALL the supplies you’ll need. 


  • Gloves (you may want a handful)
  • Cement Brushes (don’t use paintbrushes)
  • PVC Primer (optional)
  • PVC Clear Cement
  • 2 Clamps
  • Snowman:
    • 3 PVC pipe cuttings or fixtures, each increasing in size
    • 1 PVC Pipe Cover (large enough to support weigh & size desired)
    • White spraypaint
  • *Optional* Hat:
    • 1 PVC Pipe Cover
    • 1 rounded PVC Pipe cap
    • Black Spray Paint
  • Steel Wire Brush OR rough grit sandpaper
  • Hot Glue/Gun
  • Protection for work area

This project is super simple. Outside of waiting for the cement & paint to dry, this project takes about 30 minutes.

Let’s get started!

The first rule of DIY: gloves on & work area protected! 

Set out your PVC supplies & have your primer & cement glue ready for use.

Remember: these items set kinda fast. So keep everything nearby & at the ready!

Using the wire brush (or optional sandpaper) prep each area of the PVC that will be in contact with other PVC. This creates grip for the cement.

Next, prime the PVC over where you just used the brush/sandpaper. A little goes a long way.

*This step is optional, however, if you want to guarantee these pieces will last through the years, I recommend using the primer*

Starting with the snowman’s base, use the cement to glue the large PVC cover to the “bottom” of the largest PVC piece. Clamp & let dry 2 minutes. This is a good time to also do the two hat pieces: Cap ontop of cover (no clamp needed) & set aside.

Once it is dry, add the middle snowman section the same way, to the bottom section, with the cover as the base.

Repeat with the snowman’s head & final piece. Then carefully add cement around the outsides of the glued areas & corners to help seal them in place. 

Let dry.

Spraypaint the snowman & hat. The snowman will probably take a couple of coats of white to cover the purple primer – but still, it’s worth it!

Lastly, glue on the optional hat with the glue gun & customize as you’d like!

There are TONS of ways you can design & decorate these little guys. Not to mention there are TONS of other design options: reindeer, snowflakes, wreaths… Check out our Instagram through the month of December to see what other PVC Christmas decorations we roll out!

Until next time, have a wonderful December. Merry Christmas everyone!

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