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Keeping your plumbing system working safely and efficiently will help prevent any unexpected problems. But when plumbing problems do occur, you can rest assured that you are covered by the solid reputation and quality service of Tampa Bay Plumbing.

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Here are just some of the services we provide for our customers.

If you are concerned about a potential water leak in your home, call us right away. Our team of expert technicians can use various methods to detect and locate water leaks in your home. Some of the methods we use:

Meter Detection

This method involves measuring the water pressure in your pipes and comparing it to a healthy pipe. If we notice a discrepancy in the water pressure, we can determine if there is a leak in the system.

Dig and Drill

While this is one of the most invasive methods, digging and drilling is beneficial because it means once the leak is detected, we already have access to repair it. By digging and drilling into your walls or floor, we can get a better picture of the situation in your pipes.

Infrared Technology

We are proud to use innovative technology to serve our customers. By taking multiple photos of your pipes using infrared cameras, we can pinpoint any leaks and formulate a plan to get it repaired ASAP.

Don’t let a water leak ruin your day. At Tampa Bay Plumbing, we have the tools and knowledge to get the issue sorted in no time.

One of the most common plumbing problems we encounter involve clogged toilets. There are many reasons that create this issue. However, there are also several things you as a homeowner can do to prevent clogs.

Try some of these tips and tricks today:

  • Avoid flushing non-water-soluble items such as diapers and paper towels.
  • Install childproof locks on toilet seats to prevent children from flushing toys or other foreign objects.
  • Use thinner ply toilet paper if possible.
  • Use less toilet paper if possible.
  • If needed, flush the toilet twice.

Leak detection and clogged toilet repairs are just some of the services we offer in our full range of plumbing solutions. Take a look at our full list of offerings on our website, and even if you don’t see what you need, give us a call and we will make every effort to help you as best as we can. Finding reliable plumbing help should not have to be a difficult chore, especially if you are in need of immediate service. That is why Tampa Bay Plumbing is here for you around the clock with the right solutions.

Your Tampa & Clearwater Emergency Plumber

Emergency plumbing situations don’t wait. A burst pipe or clogged toilet can happen at any time. When you need 24-hour emergency service.

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Tampa & Clearwater Repiping Services

You rely on the pipes in your home to work efficiently. Experiencing recurring clogs or living in fear of ruptured pipes or weak spots in the material is not ideal.

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Tampa & Clearwater Burst Pipe Repair Services

A burst pipe can be an expensive and damaging plumbing problem. Aside from the burst, flooding, and other water damage can be a headache.

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Tampa & Clearwater Boiler Repair & Installation

Using a boiler to heat your home and provide hot water is an efficient and cost effective method. Boilers last a long time and can provide years of service.

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Tampa & Clearwater Kitchen Plumbing Services

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Important meal prep, as well as cleanup, happen in this room every day. Make sure the plumbing in your kitchen is working!

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Tampa & Clearwater Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

By pumping excess water away from the foundation of your home, the sump pump can protect your basement, cellar or crawlspace from flooding.

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Tampa & Clearwater Water Softener Installation & Repair

Minerals in the ground such as calcium and magnesium can cause the water in your home to be undrinkable and also damage your pipes and appliances.

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Tampa & Clearwater Water Heater Installation & Repair

Your water heater works overtime to provide your family with hot water. We use hot water every day for washing, showering, and dishes.

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Tampa & Clearwater Drain Cleaning Services

Over time, your drains can become clogged with built up debris, grease, hair, food and other sediment. Once this debris hardens, it can be tough to remove

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