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A burst pipe can be an expensive and damaging plumbing problem. Aside from the initial burst, flooding, and other water damage can occur and create a headache for homeowners. Let the experts at Tampa Bay Plumbing in Tampa and Clearwater, FL reduce the damage by quickly and efficiently repairing the rupture. Be sure to see what others are saying about our services.

What Causes a Burst Pipe?

In many cases, cold temperatures and freezing pipes can wreak the most havoc on pipes. However in Florida, where it doesn’t get as cold, burst pipes are mostly caused by stress in the pipes from increased water pressure or corrosion.

In many cases, a clogged toilet or other clogged pipes can cause pressure to build up in the pipes. Over time, the inner pipe walls cannot handle the pressure and will rupture. This is especially likely if your pipes are already weakened or damaged. The most common culprit for weakened or corroded pipes is chemical drain cleaners. The active ingredient in chemical drain cleaners is lye. While lye eats away at clogs and can clean your drains, it also corrodes your pipe walls, creating weak spots and areas that are more likely to rupture.

What to do when it happens

Experiencing a burst pipe can be a stressful time for homeowners. In a matter of minutes, your home can incur water damage or flooding. If a pipe in your home ruptures, the most important tip to remember is not to panic. Turn off the water in your home to reduce the damage and call the experts at Tampa Bay Plumbing. Our technicians will arrive promptly with all the correct tools and materials needed to complete your repair quickly and effectively. When repairing a broken pipe, we often recommend removing the section of damaged pipe and replacing it with new pipe. This is a better option than simply patching up the pipe since patches may cause more issues down the road.

How to Prevent Future Issues

While a rupture can occur at any time, there are several things you can do to reduce the chances of experiencing an emergency. Installing pipe insulation is a good way to reduce the transfer of heat in your pipes and protect them from sudden temperature drops or increases. Simple pipe insulation can be purchased at any hardware store and easily slips over the pipes.

Another way to prevent issues is by staying away from chemical drain cleaners and instead opting to invest in regular drain cleaning, or hydrojetting when you have a clogged toilet or pipe. This will protect your pipes and keep them in good condition.

If you’re experiencing a burst pipe emergency, call a professional right away to get the problem solved safely and quickly. Call us at (727) 223-6400 now.