One of the most common plumbing issues we see is clogged toilets. When dealing with a backed up toilet, our primary concern is to get the issue resolved quickly, efficiently and limit the amount of disruption to your day. At Tampa Bay Plumbing, our technicians arrive promptly and work tirelessly to get the issue resolved fast.

What Causes a Clogged Toilet?

Many things can cause toilets to become clogged. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • Simple clogs usually refer to a clog that comes from something such as flushing too much toilet paper, or flushing non-water soluble items down such as diapers or paper towel.
  • When technicians refer to a foreign object clog, that means something not meant for the toilet has been flushed. In these cases, it typically is a child flushing a toy down the toilet.

Regardless of the type of clog, the experts at Tampa Bay Plumbing have the tools and experience to get your toilet working properly again.

How do We Handle these Problems?

Upon arrival, we will assess the situation and determine what kind of clog we are facing. Once the severity and root of the problem are determined, we can go about solving the issue. Clogged toilets are always a nuisance and can create unpleasant situations and bad odors in your home. We understand the need to deal with these matters right away which is why we work to solve the problem with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Tips to Prevent Clogs

While clogged toilets are a common occurrence in this industry, they are also very preventable. Some steps you can take to prevent blocked toilets include:

  • Placing a garbage can in the bathroom for non-water soluble items such as diapers and paper towels.
  • Installing child-proof locks to ensure that children are unable to flush toys or other foreign objects down.
  • Use less toilet paper if possible.
  • Purchase a thinner ply toilet paper instead of thicker versions.
  • While conserving water is important, if a second flush is needed, flush twice.

By taking a few preventative measures, you can save yourself the trouble and headache of experiencing a clogged toilet.

If you need Clogged Toilet Repair Services, call a professional right away to get the problem solved safely and quickly. Call us at (727) 223-6400 now.