When debris, grease, and sediment have the chance to settle and harden in your pipes, they can cause a pesky clog that traditional removal methods can’t remove. In these cases, we recommend hydrojetting. When you have a troublesome clog that won’t go away, trust the team at Tampa Bay Plumbing for safe, effective and permanent hydrojetting solutions.

How does Hydrojetting Work?

By using a highly pressurized jet of reverse-action water, we can blast away through years of debris built up in your pipes and drains. This method is completely safe for pipes and has been known to increase the longevity of your pipes and help reduce the chances of future problem drain clogs.

Why is it a Better Option?

In many cases, homeowners will opt for a chemical drain cleaner to deal with serious clogs. While an over the counter cleaner may work in the short-term, the long-term effects can be extremely damaging to your pipes. The active ingredient in most chemical drain cleaners is lye, which will eat away at the blockage, but will also corrode your pipes and cause weak spots in your plumbing.

Hydrojetting is a better option because there are absolutely no chemicals in use. The high-pressure water blasts through years of debris. Over the years, your pipes can also become porous and rough. These little pores are the perfect spots for debris and sediment to develop. Hydrojetting also smooths out the inside surface of your pipes, making it more difficult for clogs to develop and helping your pipes last longer.

What Else can it be Used for?

Hydrojetting is also the only known method to clean sewer lines. Some of the most common causes of sewer line blockages include:

Roots in your yard will always reach for a fresh water source; this includes sewer lines. If a root system takes hold of your sewer line, it will cause a blockage and create issues in your home.

You should never pour grease down your drain. Even if you pour it down the drain with hot water, the grease will eventually cool and create a blockage. Grease blockages typically occur around 25 feet into the sewer line.

Children are prone to experiment and flush items such as toys and other objects down the toilet. Diapers and paper towels can also cause problem drain clogs.

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