Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Important meal prep, as well as cleanup, happen in this room every day. Make sure the plumbing in your kitchen is working smoothly with expert service for your sink, faucet and garbage disposal. Trust your kitchen plumbing to the experts in Tampa and Clearwater, FL, Tampa Bay Plumbing.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Several issues can come up with a garbage disposal that requires repairs. Some of the most common problems include:

Inserting too much material or difficult to shred items such as bones or shells can result in the unit jamming.

If the unit is leaking, there is probably an issue with loose gaskets or screws. Holes in the system can also cause leaking. If the unit is leaking, it needs the help of a professional.

One of the most annoying problems, numerous issues can cause a disposal not to turn on. If this is happening to you, call an expert right away.

Working on a garbage disposal can be delicate work. Sharp blades combined with the small space and tiny components can make DIY garbage disposal repairs dangerous. If your disposal is acting up, call a professional right away.

Reasons to Replace your Faucet or Sink

A dripping faucet or leaking sink is not helpful in the kitchen. While some of the issues that can befall a sink or faucet can be quickly repaired, there are a few reasons why a homeowner would want to replace.

  • If your faucet is old and showing signs of wear and tear, or if it is spilling water onto the back of your counter, you should replace it. That water spillage can cause the counter to rot and mold to develop.
  • A faucet leaking from the nozzle usually indicates broken hardware that also needs to be replaced.
  • Many homeowners opt to replace their sinks for design purposes to match the decor of their kitchens.

Ask your trusted plumbing professional if changing your faucet or sink is right for you. We can provide you with reliable advice and let you know the best course of action for your sink or faucet.

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