One of the most damaging plumbing problems a homeowner can face is a water leak. If left unchecked, these issues can be costly to repair and can cause serious harm to your home. Let the experts at Tampa Bay Plumbing check and maintain your pipes to avoid problems in the future

Common Causes for Leaks

A water leak can affect a home of any age. Regardless of the types of pipes you have, a leak can develop and cause issues for homeowners. Some of the most common causes of leaks include:

A clog somewhere in your plumbing system can put unnecessary pressure on your pipes. Built up pressure can cause leaks to develop.

A typical piping system will last between 25-50 years. In that time, your pipes can begin to deteriorate, making them weaker and more likely to leak. Your pipes can also develop leaks if the pipes shift as your home settles.

Since root systems will always reach for a fresh source of water, there is a chance your pipes can become damaged by them. If a root system breaks through, you may experience leaks.

A water leak should be taken seriously in your home since they can cause water damage, mold, mildew and even structural damage to your house. If you suspect a water leak, call a professional right away.

Tips to Avoid Issues

  • Make sure your pipes are in good condition with regular drain cleaning and hydrojetting when you experience clogs.
  • Never use your pipes for other things such as hanging clothes.
  • Get leaks repaired right away to reduce damage and prevent future issues.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaners as they can weaken your pipes over time.

Detection Methods

We use several methods to detect water leaks in your home. Some of these methods include:

This process involves testing the water pressure in your pipe and comparing it to a healthy pipe. This way, we can see if there is a leak in the system somewhere.

As the most invasive method, digging and drilling is when we dig or drill into the wall or floor of your home to discover the leak.

Using an advanced infrared camera, we take photos of the pipes at various angles to determine if there is a leak present.

If you need Leak Detection Services, call a professional right away to get the problem solved safely and quickly. Call us at (727) 223-6400 now.