Your top priority as a homeowner is to keep your family happy and safe. Start with the water in your home with a water filtration system. At any given time, there can be hundreds of bacteria and impurities in your water that can harm your family and damage your pipes and appliances. Let the experts at Tampa Bay Plumbing in Tampa and Clearwater, FL give you peace of mind with an advanced filtration system.

How do these Systems Work?

A water filtration system is an extra unit that is installed directly into your plumbing to ensure that the water you use for washing, drinking and cooking is pure and free of bacteria or microscopic debris. Several types of filtration systems are available to homeowners that each work in different ways. Your trusted plumbing technician at Tampa Bay Plumbing can recommend the system that would work best for your specific household needs.

What Types are Available?

There are three main types of filtration systems that all target specific needs and filter water in different ways. These systems include:

This kind of filter uses layers of active carbon to filter out impurities in your water. The layers of carbon trap bacteria and other debris, leaving you with crisp and clean water that is perfect for drinking, washing and cleaning.

This method involves allowing the water to pass through a membrane and then back into your plumbing free of many common water impurities.

With a tank filled with salts, a water softener neutralizes harmful minerals such as calcium and magnesium that can cause your water to smell funny and leave scale on your appliances.

A professional plumbing technician can help you decide which type of filtration system is right for you.

Benefits of Filtration Systems

There are many advantages to installing a water filtration system. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Money savings from not buying bottled water
  • Protection from diseases or other illness from bacteria in water
  • Keeping your appliances running smoothly with pure water
  • Peace of mind that your water is safe to use and consume

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With so many different types of bacteria and impurities in the world, it pays to protect your family against anything that can contaminate your water. The experts at Tampa Bay Plumbing can help keep your family safe.

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